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Please add me?
Hi. Can you add me please :)
I was wondering if you could add me so I can catch a glimpse of your fics? c':
Hi , I would love to read your fics but everytime I click on a link it says that or the link doesn't excist or something went wrong >.< please add me back? :D
You should be able to read them now :D
I started reading chapter five of Now and Then and really enjoyed it so I had to stop myself from reading any further as I hadn't even gotten to read the first four chapters, hah. So could I be added, please?
Definitely! :D And thanks, I'm glad you liked the chapter you read~ :D
add me please? :)
Sure! :D
Add me? I want to read your fics :) x
Late reply, but I've added you! :D
Can you add me? I'd love to read your one direction fics.
Could I be added please? :)
Hi! You should add me, I really want to read your work.
Of course! :)
adding you for 1d fics! :)
Hi. could you add me please? :)
Can i be added love?
Hi :)
Can I be added too please? I really love your way of writing.

thankyou xx
hello there. Waves; here for your glorious 1D fics. I think we should be friends :)
Sure, let's be friends! :) I added you!
Can I have an add please? I also snagged a Louis icon of yours, credit is given. :)
Enjoy! And I added you :)
I'm interested in reading your stories! Could you possibly add me?
Just added you :)
could you add me please, so I can read your 1D fic?
Sure :)
D: Why can't I read any of your 1D fics? Add meh pleaseeee.


May 1 2012, 09:48:16 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  May 1 2012, 09:48:35 UTC

aw, I've read wonderful things about your fics and i'd really like to read them :) can you add me please?
Hey, could you add me so I can read your 1D fic ? :) It won't let me otherwise!
can i be added to please? xx
Can you add me, please? :)
I'd love to be added, please? Photobucket
Could I be added please?
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