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Teen Wolf - Zing, Went the Strings, Chapter 2

Title: Zing, Went the Strings, Chapter 2
Rating: PG-13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Isaac/Danny, Scott/Allison, Jackson/Lydia, Lydia/Stiles (unrequited), Stiles/Derek, Boyd/Erica
Warning(s): None really. I don't really read over/edit my fic because I'm lazy, so there's' that.
Spoiler(s): The ending of season 2.
Word Count: 2800
Summary: Picks up where season 2 left off, basically. Also new couples emerge and there's drama and angst!
Disclaimer: Not my characters, obviously.

"What were you doing?"

"How did you find me?"

Isaac stared at Derek. He knew he couldn't overpower Derek, but he wanted to stand his ground. What he was doing was dangerous, but it wasn't wrong. He was doing this for Derek, not just because he wanted to.

Derek communicated everything with a single look. Please, I'm your alpha. "I repeat, what were you doing?"

Erica, Boyd, Jackson, and Peter all stood behind Derek, but Isaac knew that Erica and Boyd were on definitely his side. Jackson, well, he wasn't ever completely sure where the former kanima stood. Scott and Stiles stood off to the side, as if not to choose between Isaac and Derek.

"I was doing research on Bray, who happens to be our new principal, who happens to be one of the alphas that you fear so much." Isaac said. His voice didn't match his words; he was actually kind of dreading Derek's reaction. He continued before Derek could speak. "I didn't tell Danny anything. He was already suspicious of Bray because he kind of appeared out of nowhere, so I decided to help him and try to find out-"

"You put Danny in danger by involving him." Derek interrupted. "Do we really need more people to die, Isaac?"

"Danny's my best friend. I want him safe. I don't want him involved." Jackson chimed in.

"You had no objections earlier."

"I changed my mind."

More like Derek had changed Jackson's mind. "Fine." That wasn't to say Isaac could stop Danny from involving himself. If Danny got involved willingly, no one could really stop it. "I'm just saying that he already thinks Bray isn't normal. It'll be hard to hide this from him anyway."

Derek smiled. Not a cheerful smile, but one that communicated that he was winning and would always win. "Stiles is going to take care of that."

Stiles stepped forward, looking apologetic. "I'm going to work with Derek so that we can plant fake information on Bray. We can print out a fake Facebook profile to show Danny or something." Clearly this wasn't his idea and Stiles probably wanted to do anything but help Derek. "I don't think Danny's the kind of guy to spread it around. He'll just stop asking questions if he has some answers."

Isaac let out a reluctant breath and nodded. He had to admit that it was safer this way. He knew it was for Danny's own good.

"I will go to your school tomorrow and talk to Bray." Derek said. "You guys lay low until this is settled. Stick together. You're stronger that way. And I'll know if you need me."

Eventually the majority of them left. Stiles stayed behind to work on the information with Derek. Scott wanted to stay, but Stiles reminded Scott that if he wanted to graduate with the rest of them, he should actually start doing his homework, and he hadn't brought it along.

"I'll be fine. Derek won't eat me, will you buddy?" He made a move to slap Derek on the back, but backed off when Derek glared at him.

The next day, the five teenage werewolves walked into school together, Stiles tagging along beside them. Stiles had given Isaac a printout of a fake Myspace for Bray earlier, and he had it hidden in his pocket. He refused to move his hand from it in case he dropped it.

Suddenly, he could sense Bray. He looked up quickly to find Bray speaking with one of the female teachers. Any human wouldn't have thought anything of it, but Bray looked over at the crowd of them and smirked, knowing how he set off their senses. He still hadn't approached them, but he could at any time. Isaac wondered when Derek would get there.

Then Bray turned and walked away down the hall.

Isaac, Erica, Boyd, Jackson, Scott, and Stiles scattered to their lockers. They would meet up again as soon as possible, but they couldn't avoid getting their books. Isaac reached his locker and dug through it to get what he needed.

"So how was Miguel's?"

Isaac turned sharply to see Danny standing next to his locker. Stiles had explained how he'd told Danny that Derek was his cousin. Isaac tried to act nonchalant about it. "Oh, yeah, it was okay. By the way, I found some stuff on Mr. Bray."

He took the papers out of his pocket and handed it to Danny. After glancing at it, Danny laughed. "Mr. Bray uses Myspace? Really? No one uses that anymore."

Way to go, Stiles. Isaac knew he shouldn't have laughed, but he couldn't help chuckling a little. "I guess he does."

Danny nodded. "It looks pretty normal to me... not a lot of information on it."

"But still normal."


There was a silence, and then Danny said, "So, want to walk to first period together? Might as well, right?"

It was true. They had it together. Isaac couldn't help but grin as he walked down the hallway with Danny. It wasn't even because Danny had always been kind of popular (he was friends with Jackson, after all), but because Danny was actually really cool. They stopped a few times in the hallway so that Danny could talk to people that Isaac didn't know, but Danny made sure to introduce him every time. Isaac had to admit he felt good... he felt normal.

Being a wolf had given him strength and power, and it had even given him friends. But he hadn't gotten everything he wanted. But this... this was completely different, in a good way. It was something he didn't know he wanted.

After class, Stiles was the one to approach Isaac at his locker. "So you and Danny, huh?"

Isaac and Stiles didn't talk much to each other when Scott wasn't around, but he knew he had to be polite. It wasn't like it was official or anything, but Stiles might as well have been an honorary member of the pack, not that Derek would ever admit to it. "What?"

"You know... you and Danny." Stiles repeated as if Isaac would catch his meeting. Then he raised his hands and held one pointer finger up, "You," He held up the other. "And Danny." He put the two pointer fingers together.

Isaac stared at Stiles, confused. "I repeat. What?"

"Hey, it's cool. I mean, he knows he can't have me, so you're the next obvious choice." Stiles grinned. "I'm a generous friend and all."

Isaac rolled his eyes. "Whatever, man."

"Hey, Scott noticed it too."

"And we all know he's a genius."

He had Stiles there for sure. Stiles shrugged it off. "Well, I think you and Danny could have something special."

Isaac said nothing in response. Maybe Stiles would back off if he didn't reply. But Stiles seemed to not have any sense of when to stop talking about something. He kept talking about his and Danny's blossoming relationship. Every time he had a free second, he talked about how great Danny was. Even as he walked beside Isaac and Scott to lunch, he kept talking.

"You never shut up, do you?" Isaac finally asked as they entered the cafeteria.

"He really doesn't." Scott said before Stiles could answer. They grinned at each other, looking past Stiles. Thank god someone understood.

The lunch table was more full today. Everyone was there, even Allison. She did, however, sit at the opposite side of the table as Scott, next to Lydia. None of them talked about the alpha situation, especially because Danny was there. There was such an awkward silence.

Until Isaac sensed Derek nearby. He was close enough that Isaac knew he was in the school. He looked up and met Boyd's eyes. Then Erica's and Jackson's. Even Scott's. They could feel it too. Derek was walking down the hallway... toward the principal's office. He was just walking right into danger and they were all supposed to let him.

"Hey, you guys okay? Most of you are like dazed." Danny commented before biting into his sandwich.

Stiles, Lydia, and Allison wouldn't sense Derek, of course, but they all knew something was going on. Stiles knew most of all, but Allison and Lydia looked annoyed that they weren't in the know. They'd have questions later and Isaac didn't want to be around for it.

He turned to Danny. "It's okay, I think it's just the food." Most of them were eating the school's mac and cheese, so it was plausible.

"Here," Danny broke off half of his sandwich and held out to Isaac. Isaac blinked and reached for it, his eyes on Danny's. Danny smiled slightly when their hands brushed just a little. Isaac wasn't even aware that he was staring open-mouthed until Boyd cleared his throat.

He looked down for the rest of lunch, even after he'd gobbled down the sandwich. The one time he looked up, he caught Jackson, of all people, smirking at him. Crap. Everyone was in on it. Still, it wasn't like they were making something out of nothing. Danny had been paying a lot of attention to him. And he couldn't say he hated it..

After lunch, Danny approached Isaac at his locker again. This time, he produced two tickets. "So I have these tickets to this gig of local bands and no one to come with me. Want to? It's tomorrow night."

No one had ever asked Isaac to go to a concert with them before, or anywhere really. He'd gone to that rave with Erica as part of a plan to contain Jackson and his controller, but he'd never really had fun. He couldn't hold back the grin that broke through.


Danny smiled too before heading off to his next class.

Later, Derek shared the details of his meeting with Bray with his pack as well as Stiles and Peter. "Bray said that we had to wait." He radiated frustration.

"Wait for what?" Scott asked.

Derek shook his head. "Your guess is as good as mine."

It was rare for Derek to just accept a non-answer. He wasn't good at it. He usually wanted answers right away. He usually acted on impulse. But logically he couldn't overpower the older alpha, and especially not one backed up by a group of just as powerful ones.

"They'll probably challenge me at random times. I hope you're all still sticking together." Derek said, circling around the group.

Jackson grinned, not evilly but close. "Well, Isaac won't be sticking together with us tomorrow night. Danny asked him out."

Derek turned to Isaac, shocked. "Danny what?"

"He didn't 'ask me out.'" Isaac claimed. "He had an extra ticket to something and no one to go with, so he asked me..."

"He could have asked anyone." Jackson countered. "He has a lot of friends, you know. But it's you, the guy he looks at with puppy dog eyes."

"Fuck off." Isaac leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

"You know I'm right."

Isaac didn't respond to Jackson's remark this time. Derek warned him not to tell Danny anything, not that Isaac would. Derek just liked to warn them time and time again that they were loyal to him, and revealing anything to anyone could put them in danger.

The next day at school passed uneventfully. Bray made no moves to speak to any of the pack members or their close friends. Still, they stayed as a close-knit group. Even Allison and Lydia, who had no doubt grilled Jackson, stayed close. Isaac found that he couldn't wait until the end of the day. He had no idea what bands were playing at the gig Danny had invited him to, and he wasn't sure if he'd heard of any of them anyway.

In the evening, he went to Danny's house to meet him. When Danny opened the door, he grinned at Isaac. "That's a cool shirt."

Isaac glanced down at the t-shirt Erica had thrown at him and ordered him to wear. It wasn't anything special; it just had some kind of blue swirling pattern on the front. Isaac had insisted that it wasn't a big deal because it wasn't a date, but Erica didn't buy it. He looked back up into Danny's eyes. "Thanks."

"So, you wanna take my car there?" Danny offered, already heading to his car. "Wait," he said, looking around. "How'd you get here?"

Isaac had actually run at werewolf super speed, but he couldn't tell Danny that. "My friend dropped me off."

On the ride to the gig, Danny seemed to want to talk about that lacrosse game, the one during which Jackson had died and miraculously come back to life. He said that it was weird that all this stuff had happened recently, and he had been sure Jackson hadn't survived. Isaac was quiet. He naturally was, but he also knew he couldn't say anything to give it away.

"So, what music do you like anyway?" Danny finally asked. "Because there's a little of everything there. I think there's even a death metal group if you're into that."

Isaac chuckled. "I don't know. I mean I like everything I guess, mostly alternative stuff. I used to use music as an escape because home... wasn't good."

Danny didn't give him the pitying look he expected. Instead, he glanced over slightly, but not enough to take his eyes fully off the road, a slight frown on his lips, and put a comforting hand on Isaac's shoulder. It made Isaac feel warm all over. He crossed his arms, hunched down, and looked out the window.

Danny had been right. There was something for everyone at the gig. Isaac found that he liked the ska-rock band the best and shamelessly danced to them. At one point, Danny joined him, and once in awhile they brushed hands. Isaac tried not to redden too much. It wasn't like he'd never danced with anyone before. He'd danced with Erica and Jackson at that rave, but this was way different. This time, he watched Danny's moves and kind of wanted to move with him with more skill than he actually had. He wanted to lock eyes with Danny and pull him close and...

His stomach began to hurt, but he knew he wasn't in any danger. He was nervous, and as much as he'd denied the fact that this was a date, he wanted it to be one.

So he was kind of attracted to Danny. Alright. It wasn't a big deal, not really. He did like girls too. Sometimes. He'd liked Lydia awhile ago, but lots of guys liked Lydia. Maybe it was about the person, and maybe it didn't really matter who it was.

When a band that played a slow song came on stage, they sat down at one of the tables in the venue.

"Thanks for inviting me. I'm not used to stuff like this." Isaac admitted.

Danny gave him a half-smile, and then said, "I have to tell you something."

Isaac nodded his okay.

Danny took a deep breath. "So... I've liked you for awhile. It's kind of just been this crush that's always been there, even when I was with other people. Okay, you're looking at me like you don't believe me."

Isaac tried not to stare too dumbly. "You barely talked to me before the other day."

"Doesn't mean I didn't think you were cute." Danny offered, giving Isaac his own cute look. "So I decided to get to know you this year and then I thought you were dating Erica..."

"She's like my sister." One that he would grind with during a rave. Werewolf packs were complicated. "Plus she and Boyd are a thing, or almost a thing, I think. So wait," he said, meeting Danny's eyes again, "Is this a date?"

Danny pursed his lips. "Is that too optimistic?"

The nerves in Isaac's stomach were back. Despite this being exactly what he wanted, he didn't know how to act. He didn't know what he was going to tell Derek and the rest of the pack. Derek would probably never trust him with information if he was hanging around Danny all the time. But, whatever, it wasn't Derek's decision. Isaac still could have a life. He could. So he said, "It's not too optimistic."

"So hypothetically if I wanted to kiss you..."

Isaac had never been too bold. Becoming a werewolf had definitely helped with his bravery, but there were still some things he had to work on. He took a deep breath and before he could stop himself, he leaned forward and kissed Danny on the lips. To his surprise no one cared; they were all too busy paying attention to the band on stage. No one even shouted at them to get a room when Danny kissed him back, and they moved closer to each other so that they didn't have to lean too far.

Finally, they pulled apart, and regarded each other.

Isaac couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. He knew that Derek would have some choice words about this and that his pack mates would make fun of him forever, but that didn't matter right now. Right now, his moment belonged to them.

I know, I know some of you guys a Now and Then Chapter. That's coming soon.
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