Darcie (darciewritestoo) wrote,

newsies fic: love you all, jack/david, rated m

Title: Love you all
Pairing: Jack/David, side Sarah/Denton, side Jacobs parents
Rating: M/Explicit
Summary: Five years have passed since David and Jack left New York. Now David has received some devastating news and must go back and face everyone he left behind. Follows "I want to get off one time and not apologize," "For nobody else gave me a thrill," and "Take my fears and let my heart soar."
Author note: will also be posted to fanfiction.net (ilikehumanflesh) and livejournal (darciewritestoo)

Read it Here
Tags: fic: oneshot, movie: newsies, newsies ship: jack/david, newsies ship: sarah/denton, rating: r/nc-17
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