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One Direction Long Fics:

Marry You
- Harry/Louis - 2 Chapters - Complete
Harry and Louis get married.

o O o O o O o O o

- Liam/Niall - 15 Chapters - Complete
Niall and Liam both have unrequited crushes on their band mates. They turn to each other for support, and find their friendship developing into ~something else.

The Wanderer
- Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall - 15 Chapters - Complete
Follows Crushed - A year and a half after the events of "Crushed," Harry has become someone he never thought he'd be, and Louis isn't sure he'll be able to handle it for much longer. In the meantime, Liam and Niall encounter new obstacles in their relationship.

o O o O o O o O o

- Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall - 5 Chapters - Complete
One Direction wake up in the year 2036 and have no idea how they got there.

o O o O o O o O o

- Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall - 18 Chapters + Epilogue - Complete
Harry has magical powers that he can't reveal to the boys. But he's not the only one with a secret.

Everything You Fear is Here
- Harry/Louis, Liam/Niall - 10 Chapters + Epilogue - Complete
Follows Closer. Some things weren't supposed to happen yet, and some things weren't supposed to happen at all. But what if they did anyway?

o O o O o O o O o

Now and Then
Harry/Louis - In Progress
Harry has an encounter with the wrong sorceress and is sent into an alternate reality in which the X Factor never happened. Now he must put his life back together.

One Direction Oneshots:

All people want is someone to listen.
In which Caroline is just Harry's friend.

All We Want
OT5, background Harry/Louis and Liam/Niall
Zayn finds his four bandmates in a bit of a compromising situation.

And I don't look at you
Louis is in love, or so he says.

Clothes: A Drunken Serenade
Harry drunkenly serenades Liam with a Shakira song, and Liam has absolutely no idea what to do.

Come here often?
When Zayn comes back to the US, Niall expresses just how glad he is. [takes place during the Big Time Rush Better With U tour]

Damage Control
Simon calls the boys into his office and sets them straight about all the craziness that took place the day after the X Factor finale.

Get Well Soon
Harry's sick, and Liam and Niall try to make him feel better.

Give me girls, girls, girls (give me boys)
Harry is feeling inadequate and a bit jealous because thinks Louis wants a girl. So he decides to give him a girl.

Liam is angsty after the results show, and Zayn is a very comforting boyfriend.

Here and Hereafter
Harry and Louis are meant to be. Throughout history they have always found each other, and they always will. Reincarnation!fic.

I think I like you, but you like this whole room
Liam angst

In Dreams
Liam has been having some... questionable... dreams about Zayn lately and feels angsty about it.

Let Me Down Easy
Zayn/Perrie Edwards
Just a little thing about how they possibly got together.

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
Just... ridiculous and cracky.

Random kissing

Slip of the Tongue
Our favorite OT5 is real, and Niall accidentally spills the beans on live television.

Twilight Parody
Harry/Aiden, Liam/Zayn, Louis/Niall
Linda moves and attends a new school, X Factor High, where she meets the dazzling hot vampire, Harry Edward Styles.

What a fangirl wants, a fangirl gets.
Louis chooses an interesting question for their new video diary.


Love You Better
At the Frostival, Fiona tells Imogen how she feels.

I want to get off one time and not apologize
Jack/David, Sarah/Denton (side)
David figures out the appeal of masturbation.

For nobody else gave me a thrill
Jack/David, Sarah/Denton (side)
David goes looking for answers in places he never thought he'd look
**Follows "I want to get off one time and not apologize"

Take my fears and let my heart sour
Jack/David, Sarah/Denton (side)
As David enters university, he finds that he just can't stay away from Jack.
**Follows "I want to get off one time and not apologize" and "For nobody else gave me a thrill"

All is Right With the World
Sarah/Denton, Jack/David (side)
Jack and David like each other, and Sarah thinks Denton is sort of cute.

Kiss Me at Midnight
Sarah wants to kiss Jack on New Year's Eve. David has a major problem with that.

The Vampire Diaries
Jeremy confronts Tyler after the events of episode 205 Kill or Be Killed

o O o O o O o O o


Note: My original fiction is under a separate custom friends list. If you want to be added to read it, you'll have to tell me that separately or just say "I want to read your fic and/or your original fiction" here or on my Friends Only entry. :)

Growth [In progress]
Sarah is a bitch and she revels in it. She uses people and tosses them away. She and her friends are even bitchy to each other. When she suddenly dies, she gets a wake-up call about what's important in life. Ethan has been dead for months. He was severely depressed and killed himself, not expecting to become a ghost. When Sarah appears on the other side, he must confront and learn to accept the girl he blames for his death.

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